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Mount Sinai Center of Excellence in ADHD and Related Disorders


Mount Sinai Center of Excellence in ADHD and Related Disorders

Commonly misunderstood and often mistreated, ADHD takes a toll on both children and their families. The Division of ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Related Disorders provides cutting-edge treatment and evaluation to children with a wide variety of learning and mental health issues so they can thrive and succeed—today, tomorrow, and throughout their lives.

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Our Center is dedicated to transforming world-class scientific research into the finest and most effective care for children, adolescents, and adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Through integrative partnerships between scientists and expert clinicians, we merge science and service to provide top-notch, personalized care for this very common and often misunderstood disorder, as well as related comorbid conditions.

The Center’s interdisciplinary team studies key questions related to developmental neurobiology, psychopathology, pathophysiology, and treatment. Our clinical care is based on the latest translational research into the scientific basis of ADHD and its treatment; our over-riding goal is to help our patients to manage or overcome struggles with attention, organization, behavior, learning, or any combination of these.

With the donations we raised last year, Mount Sinai’s Division of ADHD is now able to offer a sliding scale– services by income that went down to as little as $5 a session.

Last year, we were able to provide a significant number of Neuropsychological evaluations. A neuropsychological evaluation looks at how every part of the child’s brain is functioning to help figure out why they are having trouble in school. Of the children seen last year, 68% were switched to special education environments, and 32% had a substantial change in their school placement including getting extra help for academics, language skills, social skills, and behavior plans made to help them stay in the current school.

The end of the evaluation process provides parents and teachers with a roadmap detailing what types services they need in school, what kind of school and classroom they should be in. Then from there, the team is able to follow the progress, and also provide parenting training on how to parent a child with ADHD. Teaching how to set up a behavioral plan at home and time management skills are extremely helpful for the entire family.

None of the funds are used for drug treatment. Those programs do not need funding so the focus is on the behavioral treatment and skill developments such as time management, organization, planning, and even how to use their bodies in space (without running into things).

The program treats any neurodevelopmental issue, anything that would be an issue in school, not just ADD and ADHD, but also dyslexia and any learning disorder. Sometimes that means diagnosing kids who turn out to have language delays, severe anxiety, or autism rather than ADHD.

The program also takes in kids who were kicked out of school, kids who were left with no school, because their parents cannot afford private schooling. This past year there were 4 children who were treated after being left without a school and are now all back in school.

The cost of a neuropsychological exam in Manhattan runs from $5000-$7000. Therapy sessions can cost up to $300 per session. We are able to provide very low fee services based on your donations. $1000 subsidized therapy sessions for 3 months. $2500 subsidizes an evaluation. Please join us in helping those families in need to take advantages of the world class supports that we have to offer and help us get their children the education that they deserve.